Single & Multi Idler Scales

The Belt-Way Single Idler Scale is our most popular and cost effective conveyor belt scale.

Its modular design allows for the easy installation on a broad range of conveyor and equipment types.
Our compact design is ideal for applications with minimal clearance.

The Belt-Way scale is extremely popular among users of:

  • Portable Equipment
  • Conveyors with shorter belt lengths
The Belt-Way single idler conveyor belt scale is the most cost effective option for tracking inventory of inexpensive products or where weigh bridge length is limited.

Multi Idler Scales

The Belt-Way Dual, Triple, and Quad Idler conveyor belt scales utilize additional sets of load cells. This expands the size of the weighbridge and allows the integrator to measure the material for a longer period of time. There will be better accuracy with each additional weigh idler. Multi Idler scales are routinely used for extremely fast moving belts or applications where accurate sampling of the conveyor belt weight is extremely critical. They offer outstanding accuracy for all applications, including stationary conveyors, portable conveyors and feeders.

Examples of applications that require extremely high accuracy are:

  • Expensive Material/Products
  • Fertilizer
  • Load out
  • Blending
  • Wood Recycling
  • Steel Scrap
  • Special Application

Belt-Way scales patented free-floating modular load cell design allows for easy weigh bridge expansion while reducing the need for constant recalibration and maintaining high accuracy.

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Stainless Steel Scales

Belt-Way scales enable our customers to control and track the mining and manufacturing process from the input feed all the way to the output stage of their process. The Belt-Way scales keep track of both sides of the process to help our customers streamline production, maximize profit and reduce cost.

Belt-Way is a proven leader in the manufacture of in-motion weighing solutions in corrosive applications. We have built a reputation on trust, knowledge and service with our partners in providing accurate, cost effective ways of meeting and exceeding application demands and expectations. Our quality product lines provide economical solutions with a variety of options.

Belt-Way’s stainless steel conveyor belt scales are available in 316 stainless steel to meet the demand of high level performance in harsh and corrosive environments. Belt-Way’s stainless steel conveyor belt scales are extensively used in salt mining, salt processing, fertilizer plants and other corrosive manufacturing applications where our customers take advantage of their durability and design.

Belt-Way belt scales come with many standard features:

  • A large color easy to read screen
  • Quick access keys to simplify operation
  • USB Memory data logging allowing quick and easy access to data
  • Modbus over Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet for wireless communication
  • PID Loop and Blending control

We are eager to help with your application requirements.

Catenary Idler Scales

Our Catenary Idler Scale is specifically designed for catenary idlers (commonly referred to as garland, hanging, or sausage rollers) ypically found on Portable Crushers. Our scale’s self-aligning load cell design allows for easy installation with superb accuracy.

We are unique in manufacturing scales specifically designed for catenary idlers. As these idlers hang from the conveyor frame, standard conveyor belt scales are not an alternative. The Belt-Way Catenary Idler Scale weighs material utilizing existing idlers of the crusher, eliminating the need for an extra conveyor on site to weigh materials.

The Catenary Idler Scale is the latest in a complete line of weighing products. It was specifically developed to provide a solution for our customers in the portable crushing industry. Our catenary idler beltscales are utilized on numerous machines, including, but not limited to:

  • Metso/Nordberg
  • Wirtgen